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Coriander Way Community Info

Useful Information for Community Members


CWCA Board of Directors

Call 911 in case of a medical emergency. 


Buildings & Grounds Issues

Please report immediate concerns.

Examples: Debris, Illegal Dumping, Exterior Repairs or Concerns to Common Areas

(Light Fixtures & Flower Boxes)

To CWCA Board President and The Buildings & Grounds Committee Chairperson


HOA Homeowner Account Issues

Our property manager, AR Management Company handles HOA fees. These fees help keep our buildings maintained.

For any questions contact Cathy LaGrasta by phone or email.



Community Rules & Regulations

While we hope neighbors can work out most issues through thoughtful conversation, we're here to help if there's dispute. 


ADR Policy

If you have a plumbing or electrical issue that affects your neighbors, please email...


Master Deed & By-Laws

This is a community sourced list of trusted resources. Do you have a good experience with a contractor babysitter, or handyperson? Let us know!

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