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About Coriander Way Condo Association

For three decades Coriander Way has been a safe, affordable, and inclusive community for our residents. We pride ourselves on our strong sense of community and the benefits it brings to our residents. 

Our Board is made up of community members voted on by residents. Good governance depends on involvement. If you want to be part of keeping our community well-kept, get involved. We have many projects for you! 


Our Community

Why Coriander Way?

Affordable Living

We are committed to providing affordable living. Our association works hard to keep  condo fees low while still providing top-notch services and amenities.

Strong Community

Our community is built on a strong sense of belonging and togetherness. We encourage residents to get involved in community events and to take an active role in making our community a better place to live.

Active Living

We believe in the importance of an active lifestyle. Connect with your neighbors, take walks or bike rides together. Stay active!

Ongoing Improvement

In order to maintain all of our investments, we have to keep our buildings and property well maintained. 

Let us know when something needs attention!

Get Involved in the Coriander Way Condo Association

We believe that our residents are our greatest asset, and we encourage everyone to get involved in our community. If your are able to, please attend community meetings and make your voice heard.

Our board is made up of volunteers. We offer a variety of opportunities to get involved and make a difference. Whether you're interested in helping out with community events or serving on one of our committees, your work can help all of us. 

What We Offer

Since 1988, Coriander Way has been a quiet neighborly community with residents representing a wide variety of life experiences. The people who live here have come from all over the country and the world.  Our residents range from families with young children to retirees. One way to engage with the community is to participate.

We have many ongoing projects that rely on your hard work. 

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